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Real Ear Measurements

This simple test is key to optimal performance of your hearing aids. It takes only 20 minutes to complete, yet very few places ever use this tool.

What is Real Ear Measurement?

Taylor Hearing Real ear measurement

Real Ear Measurement is an objective measure of how effectively a hearing aid is performing while it is actually in the ear. Like snowflakes, no two ears are alike. These unique differences impact how a hearing aid performs when being worn. After adjusting hearing aids to match your specific loss at different pitches, we place the devices on the ear. With real ear measurement, we add the patient’s hearing test results in to the computer to measure objectively if the hearing aid is delivering the right level of sound amplification for the patient’s degree of loss. Without this objective measure a hearing aid could be over or under amplifying sounds that the wearer needs to effectively communicate.

We utilize real ear measurement with every fitting and patients with existing hearing aids. In some cases we find that hearing aids are performing properly, they are just not programmed properly.

Your hearing aids are only as good as the person fitting them. Doesn’t it make sense to spend a few extra minutes to ensure your hearing aids are performing as intended? Don’t leave it to chance, call Taylor Hearing to have an expert hearing aid fitting using Real Ear Measurement.