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Upon purchasing Taylor Hearing in 1996, as the oldest established hearing healthcare practice in the state, since 1931, the office was located in Cherry Creek when it was still a quaint village of restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and salons. As the years went by Cherry Creek turned into something completely different. The powers that be turned the village into a bustling metropolis and in their own words created “The Rodéo Drive” of Colorado. Old two story buildings came down and high-rise office buildings, condos, hotels and the like went up. Along with the cost of rent and the lack of parking. So after being run out of two offices I decided to take my practice mobile in November of 2016. It was the best move ever! Now I work with patients in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Which is most beneficial during these trying times.

“After making the decision to go mobile, new specialized portable equipment was purchased in order to perform hearing tests accurately, to be able to examine one’s ear canals and clear them of wax if necessary and to fit hearing instruments using PC based real-ear measures to accurately program hearing instruments.  Initial appointments are at no charge and no obligation to purchase hearing instruments.   When we first meet a thorough case history will be discussed along with any concerns you may have as well as wanting to know about your lifestyle and hearing needs.  Then a standard pure tone hearing evaluation and speech testing will be performed.  Afterward we will discuss the results and determine if you are a candidate for hearing instruments.  My job is to educate you in a way that you can make an educated decision of your own.  If it is determined that hearing instruments would offer you an improvement in your quality of life, normally hearing instruments are fitted during a following appointment upon which you are not obligated to pay for them, nor keep them, if you do not feel as they improving your hearing significantly.  Once a decision has been made, which takes most patients only about a month, the hearing aids can either be returned or paid for.  Hearing difficulties can be left untreated, but research shows that treating your hearing results in a higher quality of life, reduced cognitive decline as one ages as well as a reduced probability of suffering from dementia.