Taylor Hearing Center is Colorado’s oldest hearing healthcare facility. It has been an owner operated, independent hearing aid dispenser since 1931. Audiologist Greg Hall, MS purchased the business in 1996 and today continues the original Taylor family’s tradition of providing superior patient-centered hearing services.

We’ve Gone Mobile

To better serve our patients, we’ve gone to a mobile service. You don’t need to come to us, we will come to you in the convenience of your own home or office. No traffic, no paid parking, no hassle. Our mobile office is equipped with the most advanced testing and diagnostic equipment available to ensure you are provided with the best possible hearing solutions.

Taylor_Hearing-9455We provide complete hearing evaluations and focus on improving the quality of life for those with hearing loss as well as for their family and friends. Our specialty lies in treating each and every patient as an individual. We believe that hearing difficulties basically manifest in the same way but how you, as the patient, experience your hearing difficulties is unique. For each patient, what matters about hearing are those instances in which he or she really wants to hear but is unable. We focus on what’s most important for each patient’s hearing situation rather than treating all patients with the same hearing solution every time. We treat you for who you are and what you tell us you want. That said, we won’t waste your time by sugar-coating the truth. We will tell you what you need to know, not what you’d like to hear.

Excellent health and well-being is important for every individual regardless of what tomorrow has in store.

Greg Hall internalized this life lesson as a young man. While a camp counselor for children with muscular dystrophy, he heard kids plainly mention that they would not likely live beyond their mid 20s after which they scrambled off to continue their summer fun. He realized that for them, as for anyone, one’s state of well-being is for today, not for what the future holds. Greg still has fond memories of his three summers working with those kids and is always moved by the same lesson as he helps happy patients live life to the fullest. In his office, the power of that lesson comes to life: your well-being is important today, to us and to you.


Audiologist Greg Hall came to audiology with a Eureka moment. He was studying special education when he was introduced to Audiology through a communication disorders class. A drummer from a young age, Greg was attracted to the lessons about how we hear, how we measure how we hear, frequency and amplitude. He was fascinated by how our complex hearing system within the inner ear is fully developed within a mother’s first trimester of pregnancy. Greg found his calling as an Audiologist.

As owner and sole audiologist at Taylor Hearing, Greg began practicing after graduating in 1992 from Purdue University with a Master of Sciences in Audiology. Today, he carries on Taylor Hearing Center’s tradition as Cherry Creek’s full-service, patient-centered hearing services center. As the owner whose business and well-being depends on your satisfaction, Greg personally treats each and every patient.

Outside the office, Greg enjoys a variety of activities with his two teenage boys. You can find them camping, biking, snowboarding, hiking Colorado’s Fourteeners and playing music in a trio rock and roll band. Of course, Greg uses professional in-the-ear monitors to protect his hearing. Another area of expertise Taylor Hearing provides is hearing protection and custom music-related products.



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