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Excellent health and well-being is important for every individual regardless of what tomorrow has in store.
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An independent private practice with Over 80 years of specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing issues.

At Taylor Hearing Mobile Services, Audiologist Greg Hall wants you to be fully informed about healthy hearing and your particular hearing situation. He is available as a guide and a resource to help improve your situation. When you’re ready to get your hearing evaluated, contact Greg. He’ll bring his mobile office to you so you can discover your hearing status, have your questions answered and make a proactive decision to hear well again.

Why Choose Mobile Hearing Care?

Taylor Hearing is the only owner-operated mobile audiologist and hearing healthcare provider in the state which owns a fully equipped van. Although present rules by the Department of Regulatory Agencies is not allowing patients to be seen in the van due to Covid, I have been seeing 95% of my patients in their homes since going mobile over four years ago. My patients have reported that they feel safe and secure by having me in their homes versus having to travel out and come into an office. This is a great advantage unimaginable upon deciding to go mobile in 2016.

About us

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Hearing Services in The Comfort Of Home

We offer the following services for all our at-home mobile visits:

  • Hearing Aid Provider
  • Custom Hearing Aid Fittings
  • Hearing Aid Support
  • Custom Hearing Protection
  • Hearing Screenings and Evlautations
  • Listening & Speaking Exercises

Our Hearing Aids & Technology

We works with the leading hearing aid brands to provide you the best possible hearing solutions. With a mobile office, we bring the most advanced testing and diagnostic equipment to you in the comfort of your own home or office. Our audiologist, Greg Hall will help you choose the right hearing aid suited to your type of hearing loss, listening environment and budget.

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We Love Hearing From Our Patients!

How rewarding it is to work with him

The difference Greg made in George’s life is immense – as well as the difference in the lives of George’s family and friends. Every time George recommends Greg to his friends he emphasizes how rewarding it is to work with him. Because hearing aids are custom programmed instruments, they normally require several appointments for adjustments to provide the best sound. Greg is always willing to recheck the settings and program them to optimize George’s hearing experience.

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