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Custom Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection Can Save Your Life

Well, not quite, but it definitely will improve your quality of life. When properly treated, hearing loss can be managed quite effectively ensuring richer relationships. Untreated hearing loss leads to relationship difficulties and poor work performance (lower earnings). Plus consider the litany of health conditions that have been linked to hearing loss. After aging, the leading cause of hearing loss is exposure to loud sound. With this in mind, wearing appropriate hearing protection is serious business. Whether you’re a hunter, a musician, a regular concert attendee, a pilot, operate heavy machinery or know you’ve already been exposed to ongoing loud situations, it’s worth your time to seriously consider wearing hearing protection.

Wearing hearing protection will help preserve your hearing for the long haul. And we all want to have the best hearing possible as we age. But you’re at risk for permanently damaging your hearing if you’re exposed to loud noises on a regular basis. Research shows that exposure to noises over 85 decibels (for some perspective, that’s about the sound level of a car wash, diesel truck engine or food blender) for extended periods of time (8 hours or more), will damage the cells that allow you to hear. You can develop immediate and permanent hearing damage if you’re exposed to single 130-140 decibel blast (about the sound level of a jet engine taking off).

We Fit Custom Hearing Protection

If you’re a musician like Audiologist Greg Hall, or if you’re exposed to similarly loud noises for extended periods, take measures to preserve your hearing. Nobody knows better than Greg Hall, as both audiologist and musician, what loud noise exposure can do to your hearing. Once you lose it, your hearing will not return. Discuss your needs and we can design custom ear molds that offer optimal hearing and comfort. Let us help you enjoy the lifestyle of your choice and protect your hearing doing it. Contact Taylor Hearing now to find out how we can help you best preserve your hearing.

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