Win Whittaker discusses life with Hearing Aids

Win Whittaker is an experienced mountain guide and filmmaker. He has summited some of the most challenging mountains in the world including his home base of Mt. Ranier (144 times). He is working on a documentary about Himalayan climbing adventures. Win Whittaker also has a hearing loss.

His wife describes the loss as a slow progression. Win recalls being unresponsive to certain conversations. A hearing test revealed he definitely had issues properly hearing. A business owner and lifelong outdoor adventurer, he approached this like another mission. It started with research. He began reading about manufacturer ReSound and their connectivity to Apple products. Drawn to the idea of connecting to his iPhone and other devices, he was fitted with ReSound LiNX.

In this short video below he describes his new hearing aids as being “bionic”, powers beyond just normal hearing. We see this as a reminder that¬† hearing loss should never be an excuse to stop doing what you love. The technology is amazing and can keep up with you as you explore the great outdoors in Colorado..