Why Choose Us

As you’re looking for a hearing healthcare provider, it can be difficult to decide on which one will work best for you. We know you want someone who cares about your unique situation, someone who won’t push you into something if you don’t really need it, and someone who will listen. After all, listening is what we all specialize in.

At Taylor Hearing Center, our reputation is built on providing exceptional care for decades. Taylor Hearing has been around longer than any other Colorado Hearing Instrument Dispenser, providing hearing instruments since 1931. Patients can count on a consistency in service since they’re always seen by Taylor Hearing Center’s owner, Greg Hall, never by a technician. Greg sometimes sees children and grandchildren of the Center’s original patients. They choose him because they are aware of the consistency and quality of service and care that Taylor Hearing has always been known for.

When considering the purchase of Taylor Hearing Center, it was important to Greg that this business historically have a true concern for patient welfare rather than for sales. That’s how Greg is. He learned from a young age how important it is for people to live as well as they can regardless of the long-term situation. And living well for him includes hearing well. Because as hearing declines, so does our ability to participate in life. And Greg wants you to participate to your heart’s content because that’s what life is about: participating to live to the fullest.