What to Expect

Taylor_Hearing-9427The Taylor Hearing office is warm and inviting, meant to feel relaxed. With comfy chairs and a southwestern theme, you may be transported to a peaceful realm. Expect to be here at least 90 minutes for your first appointment, as we have a lot to cover.

Upon arrival, we will ask you to complete some standard documents and sign a medical release consent form after which you are led to the exam room. There, we examine your ears. It’s possible your hearing difficulties stem from a wax buildup or other obstruction. If that’s the case, we will take measures to fix the problem. If we find no obstruction, we will proceed with the full audiological exam.

You will enter a soundproof room wearing special earphones. There, you will need to indicate when you hear certain sounds transmitted through the earphones. Once complete, the results will be printed on a chart, or audiogram, clearly showing how you hear different pitches. Should your hearing test show healthy hearing, the exam will be finished. Should hearing difficulty be detected, we will proceed with a speech recognition test to determine how well you comprehend certain spoken words. Should you receive a high score on the speech recognition, our exam is complete. If not, we continue with further testing. The results from these simple, non-invasive tests reveal the true state of your hearing. Once you understand the results, we can present treatment options.

Throughout the whole process, we will explain everything so you know exactly what’s happening and why. We will answer all of your questions. At the end of the appointment, you will have the wherewithal to make an informed decision about how to treat your hearing difficulty. Certified audiologist, Greg Hall will recommend what would work best for your situation; you make the final decision. If you would like to test-drive some hearing instruments, we happily oblige with a 1-2 month trial. Hearing difficulties can be left untreated, but research shows that treating your hearing results in a higher quality of life.

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