Thanks to those who have served on this Veteran’s Day!


In order to give thanks to our military brothers and sisters who have served, I hope you find the following to be helpful and motivational regarding acquiring the hearing help that you may need and has now been reported to be the most common veteran injury.

Did you know that hearing loss is the single most common traumatic injury that our service men and women suffer from? And although that is the case, very little attention has been reported regarding this as compared to the very readily apparent traumatic injuries such as the loss of limbs and spinal cord injuries. Why is this? A number of reasons. To begin with, as one military audiologist put it, “Not many people die in combat due to hearing loss.” I would say that more than likely no one has died in combat due to hearing loss. And because hearing loss is not a life or death issue, nor considered by most as being a disorder to give much serious consideration in regard to protecting from damage or doing something about it once a significant hearing loss has occurred, it receives very little attention. I also believe that just as it is with hearing loss in the general public, it is an “invisible” injury that is not readily apparent at first glance, and therefor often ignored. Regardless, the effects of untreated hearing loss can be equally as damaging as forgoing or prolonging treatment for the effects of another invisible injury known as PTSD.

The importance of getting a baseline hearing evaluation upon discharge cannot be stressed enough according to a claims agent for the military. Since we know that your average veteran, like the average civilian with hearing loss waits seven years to get the hearing help that they need, he says that the discharge time of seven years may exceed the period of time served, and therefor there could be a denial of benefits by the VA. Untreated hearing loss has now been linked to isolation, depression, cognitive decline and a greater risk of acquiring dementia to top the list of the side effects of forgoing or delaying obtaining assistance. The loss of connection to friends, family and loved ones along with the loss of income associated with untreated hearing loss are added reasons to obtain hearing help as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it has been my experience here in the Denver Metro area, that even once patients I have met who indeed have received hearing instruments through the VA, report that their experience has been somewhat, if not down right poor. I have a number of patients who have experienced this who choose to go ahead and spend money out of pocket to be fitted by myself. The reason for this is simply that hearing instruments are only as good as the professional who fits them. I have always assumed that since I offer sixty trial periods with full refunds on most of my hearing instrument fittings, that my motivation to be sure that a patient is fully satisfied is greater than that of a salaried VA audiologist. And now after owning my own practice for nearly 20 years, and studying and practicing audiology for over 25 years, I feel that you will not find an audiologist with any significantly greater level of experience, empathy and enthusiasm!

So in order to give thanks to those who have served, I have decided to double my normal discount of $500/pair to a discount of $1000/pair to any and all veterans who opt to purchase hearing instruments on their own. This will apply to all new and existing patients of Taylor Hearing Center. Please call us for an appointment at 303-377-1217 if you would like to discuss your hearing issues and take advantage of my new Veterans Discount Program!

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