Restaurants Wanting to Reduce Background Noise!

According to a recent New York Times article, there is beginning to be an interest in reducing the adverse effects of background noise on the the ability to hold reasonable conversations during the experience of dining out. Because as we all know, a dining experience is equally important for feeding our social needs as it is for feeding our appetite! After researching this issue online, I found that this is not a completely new concept, but that restaurant owners have been giving this consideration now for the past five plus years. I also remember reading from one of my journals about the fact that restaurants often play loud music to attract a younger crowd, who drinks alcohol more so than the older generation, and of course restaurants make more money from booze than food, so now you know why the music is so loud. The science of acoustic engineering is just that, somewhat complicated and expensive. But as you read in more detail in the link to the NY Times article below, at least there is beginning to be a trend in making the dining experience better for conversation as well as the palate.

NY Times: Restaurants Take the Din Out of Dining