Hearing Services

At Taylor Hearing Mobile Services, we provide a wide range of hearing services with a primary goal of improving your hearing health and ultimately allowing you to have a higher quality of life and improved family and friend relationships. Here is a list of some of our hearing services:

Taylor_Hearing-9427Hearing Screenings and Evaluations

Hearing well is crucial to having a full and fulfilling life. When you don’t hear well, you miss a lot of things in life. We want you to participate in life as much as you want to. Don’t be among those who let their first hearing exam slip for an average of 7 years. Call now to have your hearing screened to see how we can help you hear better.

Hearing Aid Provider

Most hearing issues are resolved by wearing hearing devices. And while we understand that wearing hearing devices is not appealing to most people, consider them a tool for improving your quality of life, just as a drill is a tool for making a hole, not a tool that you own for the sake of owning. Today, hearing devices are tiny and discreet with cutting edge technology to optimize amplification. We offer a variety of devices and manufacturers to choose from. They range in style, capabilities and function. If you discover the need for hearing aids, we will fully educate you about which devices will best provide the best solution for your situation and why.

Hearing Aid Support

30-60 Day hearing aid trial and adjustment period. At Taylor Hearing Mobile Services, we want you to be totally happy with your choice. To that end, we offer an extensive trial and adjustment period.

Custom hearing aid fittings

Wearing hearing devices is new and different for anybody. We want your transition to be smooth and comfortable, so we fit you with devices made for your ears, accounting for size, shape and individual hearing situation.

Listening and Speaking Exercises for Patient and Family

It’s crucial that you, as a patient, and your loved ones understand what is at play with hearing issues. Sometimes, both yours and your loved ones’ speaking and listening habits need modification. But modifying them isn’t always intuitive. We provide exercises to help you and your family develop helpful communication tools to make your hearing situation easier.

Custom Hearing Protection

The best course of treatment for hearing loss is to prevent it in the first place. Whenever possible, use hearing protection in noisy environments at work, play or home. We provide a variety of hearing protection solutions for musicians, hunters, swimmers, workers and hobbyists. Learn more about our custom hearing protection options.

At Taylor Hearing Mobile Services, Audiologist Greg Hall wants you to be fully informed about healthy hearing and your particular hearing situation. He is available as a guide and a resource to help improve your situation. When you’re ready to get your hearing evaluated, contact Greg. He’ll bring his mobile office to you so you can discover your hearing status, have your questions answered and make a proactive decision to hear well again.

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