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16 Jan

Keep rocking in 2016, but protect those ears!

Once again Taylor Hearing Center, Berkeley Hearing Center and a non-profit organization called “We’re Hear for You”,, sponsored free ear plugs for the attendees of Jam Cruise 14, an annual music festival at sea! I have always described Jam Cruise as a cross between Mardis Gras and Woodstock on a cruise ship, therefore the

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12 Nov

Thanks to those who have served on this Veteran’s Day!

In order to give thanks to our military brothers and sisters who have served, I hope you find the following to be helpful and motivational regarding acquiring the hearing help that you may need and has now been reported to be the most common veteran injury. Did you know that hearing loss is the single

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24 Sep

Restaurants Wanting to Reduce Background Noise!

According to a recent New York Times article, there is beginning to be an interest in reducing the adverse effects of background noise on the the ability to hold reasonable conversations during the experience of dining out. Because as we all know, a dining experience is equally important for feeding our social needs as it

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01 Sep

Army tests ANTI-Hearing Loss Supplement

Recently I read that the single most common injury suffered by our Veterans is hearing loss. Most people picture our Veterans returning home with horrible, readily-apparent injuries such as missing limbs and such, but those injuries occurred during mortar blasts and explosions that also caused irreversible damage to their hearing. And unfortunately, it is not

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