Army tests ANTI-Hearing Loss Supplement


Recently I read that the single most common injury suffered by our Veterans is hearing loss. Most people picture our Veterans returning home with horrible, readily-apparent injuries such as missing limbs and such, but those injuries occurred during mortar blasts and explosions that also caused irreversible damage to their hearing. And unfortunately, it is not always practical as a soldier to be wearing earplugs in the line of duty. As stated in the link below, there is always going to be the next young soldier who considers the threat and asks himself, “Is protecting another soldier’s life worth losing my hearing?” “Yes, it is. All day, every day.”

So the Army has been working on a compound, a micronutrient, not a “drug” per se, but an antioxidant that may neutralize damaging “free radicals” that contribute to our aging as well. “If endorsed by federal regulators, the supplement would be the first to prevent hearing loss. It could have benefits far beyond the military. Factory workers, miners, loggers, musicians, pilots and others who work in noisy industries face high rates of hearing damage. Globally, a billion teenagers are putting themselves at risk through the noise of clubs, concerts and even some sporting events.”

Check out the entire article as it was reported in the Wall Street Journal at the link below: